The Largest Logistics Center in the Aegean

We are the largest logistics center in the Aegean region, serving as Türkiye’s entry point to the world. As a part of SOCAR Türkiye, we have been introducing innovative practices in the industry since 2018 and are committed to constantly improving and developing our operations.

High Capacity, Advanced Services

Our port has a 700-meter-long, single-piece dock structure and a minimum water depth of 16 meters, enabling us to host ships with an 18,000 TEU capacity. We provide port operations, general cargo handling, and container services with a commitment to improving our service quality continually.

A Greener Port

At the forefront of our sustainability vision, we prioritize zero waste and climate change issues. We strive to make our port greener by obtaining the "Zero Waste Certificate" for our facilities, which allows us to continue reducing our environmental impact.

High Standards of Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees is paramount, and we place it at the center of our operations. We use top-notch equipment and gear and take comprehensive preventive measures to achieve this goal.

Local Workforce and Supply Chain

We contribute to the country's economy and local employment in our facility constructed by Turkish engineers and contractors. In line with our sustainable development goals, we prefer regional suppliers and lead the development of the local supply chain.

SOCAR Türkiye Blog

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